5 Simple Techniques For vets savannah ga

I agree with with most of the comments from other veterans. Most veterans are with Trump. This post is just propaganda. I’m a 21 calendar year veteran and retiree. I support Trump one hundred pc.

It’s not their company; the military ought to continue to be from it; up to now Trump is often a veteran admirer although the armed forces must support the protection of the place first. That’s what I've against the army; attitudes similar to this; It’s not the militarys company if we deport illegals and refugees etcetera…not their business.

Sure you’d learn how to offer with peaceful Muslims …. ISIS should have you on their own hit record you coward, look at how immediately you pea pea and disappear

Wrong. A few of us work for ourselves and see no want for giant govt, foreign adventures or importation of 3rd globe savages who usually do not assimilate. Go Trump!

Jose, as I instructed you it’s right there from the UCMJ, The one thing maintaining you from confirming it's YOU! The lying racist here is definitely the man you only posted much too.

Oh Sure, foolproof vetting. We might have that fully in place by the end of WWIV. Administered by our highly capable TSA certainly.

Your referring to a choice created by moms and dads which has to perform with hygiene and which has no impact on sexual relations.

muslims plan on attacking europe and america with coordinated chemical weapons assaults everywhere in the region,this supposingly will take place in 2016.Based on bulgarian prophet who predicted many gatherings of recent.

In order to see a thing vets choice truly Ill, head to WIKIPEDIA, the planet’s most foremost encyclopedia, and type in: “List of Islamic terrorist attacks”. When you've got a few “months” to spare, you are able to study all with regard to the tens od 1000s of innocent people today they’ve slaughtered in the last couple of a long time, from all areas of the earth, such as Girls and children….. Also, on you tube, you can type in: “Obama admits He's a Muslim”…….TRUMP 2016!

The Democrats are certainly not smart plenty of to acquire that they only need to twist it. Do an improved work of stability is all Trump is marketing could not agree with you far more.

head to Iraq, now you punk faced shytheaded muzzie. Let’s see how you end up burning on the end of allah’s weenie. you and ISIS are no distinct, read this article don’t you dare fail to remember that loser!

fifth: In fifth place comes the protection in their rights (per our Constitution and guidelines as they would utilize them against us for priorities 1 through 4) and “obligations” less than These guidelines (outlined by them).

Think about the other tales by these loser writers. Nonetheless professing the SB shooters weren’t ISIS related. Fairly much says everything.

Yeah, we saw how courageous Obama’s vets for less troopers were being if they surrendered to Iranians and afterwards cried as in latest video clips. In some way I'm not worried. A housecleaning is to be able the moment Trump is elected.

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